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The professional and her "good camera" :)
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Your wedding style?
Super Hero Wedding Ideas
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The professional and her "good camera" :)

Amanda Duffy
Wedding Photographer
614-578-0491 United States · 

I wanted you to know something. As a photographer, I receive allot of calls and contracts for weddings and events. And I honestly try to NOT be frustrated by the number of people who tell me that their sisters, boyfriends, cousins, friend has a "good camera" and they are willing to photograph their wedding at a really cheap price or for free. No offense people...
But, If you handed a "good camera" to just anyone... Is it the "good camera" or the quality of the said photographer that will be documenting your special day in photos that will be with you for the rest of your life? 

A day that you can't repeat! 

A day that made two families one. A day that you spent an entire year to plan for. You tell me... Do you want a professional with a "good camera" or do you want a "good camera" Think about that when you create your budget. I DO understand budgets. I DO understand... I DO I DO I DO and I hope you will know that I will take the best care of you and your wedding day. 
After I have met the bride at her mother’s kitchen table, I create a contract, payment plan and I then begin to dream about the wedding day with the family. 
Looking forward to the day as if it were my own. Knowing that the memories are up to me the professional... and my "good camera" I meet the couple in the morning of their wedding day as hair spray flies around the room, little ones are running around excited to be the princess in the wedding as they are a flower girl. Step by step, I run off and capture the jittery groom as his bowtie is tied in the most perfect way... I wait patiently as I don't miss a single detail. I run around a church as quiet as a mouse, I lay on the ground to get the best angle, I sneak a few tears as the father of the bride cries about his little girl growing up. I chase your friends around the reception and trust me, by the end of the night when your off to your honeymoon... Me (the exhausted professional) and my "trusty -good camera" sleep well knowing that you have artistic, professional photos that are memories to be downloaded, enhanced, edited and printed to be in the family collection for years after your gone. Yes... 
That is what I DO.

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My wordpress site

Your wedding style?

Your Wedding Style:

Once the excitement of your engagement settles in and you get used to that ring on your finger, the realization that you have to plan a wedding will set in (that's why you're here, right?). The trick to pulling it all together is getting organized and defining your overall vision, including a style and color scheme. If you nail that, all the other details will fall into place.
You're going to face a zillion choices about everything from the event location to super specifics like the color of your champagne (seriously!). Settling on an overarching concept and sticking to it is crucial for a wedding that feels unified and totally you guys—and trust us, it will make your life a lot easier as you weed through all the options in the weeks and months to come. So, before you try on a single gown, book your band or sample a bite of cake, look at the big picture and determine the style and vibe you want to set on your wedding day.
1. Dream Big
The beginning of the process is the dreaming phase—don't worry about how something will work or how much it will cost. Don't even consider what your mother will think. Picture your dream wedding. What do you see? Here are a couple of questions to consider while everything is coming together in your head.
Big (everyone you know) or small (close friends and relatives)? 
Outdoors or indoors? 
Home (one of your hometowns or your current city) or away (hello, destination wedding!)? 
Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic or all-out glam? 
Fancy, casual or somewhere in between? 
Spring, summer, winter or fall?

2. Get Inspired
To get a better idea of what you want (and definitely don't want), spend some time checking out bridal magazines, books, blogs and real wedding photos. But don't limit yourself to browsing just the obvious sources—something as unlikely as a wallpaper pattern or a pretty perfume package design can spark an idea. Fabrics, color chips, stationery and trinkets are all great starting points. Creating an inspiration board is one of the best ways to collect your ideas. It will also help you identify common threads and visualize how various elements will look together. Bonus: These boards will help you show your wedding pros what you're looking for later on. As you put things you love together, you'll start to see a theme or a color palette emerge.

3. Settle on a Style
There are many ways to define your wedding style, from the reception site to the season. Think of interesting hobbies you and your fiance have in common. Maybe you both love golf or share an appreciation of art. Or perhaps there's a place you two hold dear, like the mountaintop where you were engaged or the vacation locale where you fell in love. The setting of your wedding can also dictate the vision—a beach wedding calls for a more laid-back vibe, while a ranch wedding will have a more rustic feel. If you love the idea of hosting your reception in an elegant ballroom, that may dictate a more classic and elegant wedding. And don't forget about your own personal styles and the kind of atmosphere that best speaks to you two as a couple. Do you like hosting intimate dinner parties, getting decked out and partying until dawn, or throwing a low-key poolside picnic?

Some styles to consider: 
Preppy chic
A word of caution: Don't load up on too many ideas. It's great if you love Broadway musicals and your spouse-to-be is into drag racing, but trying to combine both ideas on your wedding day will likely lead to a weird, disjointed affair. Do your best to compromise on one concept and stick to it.

4. Figure out the Formality
Consider how fancy or casual you want to go, as that decision will affect the number of guests, the food, the decor and the entertainment. Personal preference is a key factor, but the formality of your wedding will be reflected first and foremost in the location (ballroom versus beach, for example), as well as time of day and season. Consider dress code here too! If you've decided on a beach wedding, going informal makes more sense than asking your guests to don gowns and tuxes in the heat and sand. Whatever you decide, you'll want to carry your chosen formality through every aspect of your wedding from the stationery to the parting favor.

5. Incorporate a Theme
The more specific you get with your vision, the easier it will be for you to choose your details and convey your ideas to your pros—the tighter your theme, the better. Instead of stopping at "glam," decide whether you want art-deco-glam or old-Hollywood-glam. Your theme can be anything from a favorite era, hobby or place to your heritage or culture.

5. Pick Your Colors
Just as a theme can immerge from your inspiration, so can a palette. Since colors can sometimes be more concrete than themes, you may even want to start here first. Color is a unifying factor between all your wedding elements, from the invitations to your bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at a color wheel to determine which shades you're drawn to. The easiest way to make all of your wedding elements come together is to stick with one main color and an accent color, or two equally prominent complementary colors (colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, like green and pink or yellow and purple) for a bright contrast. But don't feel limited to just two colors—adding neutral or metallic accents will make your palette robust. You could also choose an analogous scheme—putting together three colors that fall side by side on the color wheel, like blue, periwinkle and violet, to bring out the subtle nuances of one color family.

6. Master the Motif
A motif is the last flourish that can tie together the overall look of your wedding—it can show up anywhere from the invitation to the cake. It's typically a pattern, shape or insignia that conveys your style (think: monogram, family crest, toile pattern, leaf icon). Whatever you choose should reinforce the mood you're trying to create. Use your motif sparingly—three or four places max. Any more than that will feel forced or look too matchy-matchy.

7. Don't Forget the Vibe
The theme obviously affects the look of your wedding, but it can also set the tone. An evening wedding in a gilded ballroom meant to conjure the Roaring '20s will ramp the chic quotient up a notch, while a clambake on the beach will have guests kicking off their shoes and enjoying a beer right out of the bottle. Either is great, as long as it feels right to you. You want your personalities and passions to shine through, which is what ultimately makes your wedding stand out and feel special.

Super Hero Wedding Ideas

Senior Marketing Program FREE STUFF

Are you a junior in high school with a passion for marketing?
Do you want a high-fashion senior photo session and chances to earn free stuff?? I mean, who doesn’t want to earn free stuff?! You could be next year’s Senior Model! 
As a Senior Model, you will receive a personalized senior portrait experience, as well as a ton of opportunities to earn free products by participating in an exclusive referral program.

What do I get?
You senior portrait session at no cost to you (2 hours, multiple outfits & locations) With the option to bring a pet or your BFF along with you.
Model cards with YOUR senior photos, that you get to show off and pass around to all of your friends.
A digital Facebook cover banner with at least 3 images and school logo.
15% off all print products you order from your session. 

  • Awesome stuff when you reach referral benchmarks:
  • 5 referrals = $100 iTunes gift card
  • 10 referrals = $200 GS3 photography credit
  • 15 referrals = 16×24 wall print of one of your senior images ($300 value)

What do I have to do?
Share your experience and your enthusiasm for GS3 Photography with everyone! 
Tell them how much fun you had working with us and how much you love your photos! You can earn products for referring all kinds of portrait clients, not just seniors!
Agree to represent ONLY GS3 Photography until the end of your senior year.

What to ask when booking your wedding?

You should ask me when bookingyour wedding!
1. Can I see your portfolio?
Yes, I always have a slide show of all of the images over the years as a professional photographer. And I would insist that you see my work!
Your delicious wedding buffet will be devoured, your flowers will wilt, and your gown might yellow with time. Fortunately for nostalgic brides, wedding photographs are designed to last a lifetime -- or even longer -- if they're preserved properly.
A little extra work on the front end will help you establish a productive, referral-worthy relationship instead of an ugly lawsuit or worse -- unflattering pictures.

2. How Long Have You been In Business?
Our team has been well established for over 10 years. And we have done hundreds of weddings. 
You wouldn't hire a baker without trying a sample (or 12) of her cakes, would you? This might seem obvious, but many brides take it for granted that a photographer with what "looks like" a well established business must ooze talent. 
Most upstanding photographers publish digital portfolios online, (and we do) which will help you weed out the less-than-stellar candidates. After you've chosen a selection of potential photographers, set up interviews to see the portfolios in person. Be sure to take into consideration the diversity of their shots, their use of lighting and how comfortable the photos' subjects appear. A truly talented photographer can get even the stiffest brides to loosen up for the camera.

3. When will I get my photos back?
There are a number of ways that you can order your images.
~ Prints
~ A USB Drive with digital images
~ A CD
Or all of the above! We always return images on USB or CD within a weeks time. We also publish photos on a separate web site that is password protected for your viewing if you want to share with long distance loves. If prints are ordered it may take 3 weeks depending on the size or style of print that you would be ordering. This time frame always would include professional framing if required as well.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're not interested in purchasing a set of 20 coffee mugs emblazoned with your bridal portrait. Still, it's vital to examine your personal photography needs compared with your vendor's capabilities. We are happy to work with your individual requests, ranging from mounted portraits to traditional albums, but it never hurts to see our product list and pricing ahead of time in case you want to buy something not included in your wedding package.

4. Can I reach your clients that you have photographed in the past?
Yes! Ofcourse you can! We have clients from coast to coast. We have 14 Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages and more. There are several clients that have posted feed back on these pages - Feel free to browse and ask around. We can provide you with more information with their permission.
Here is my LinkedIn Profile: 

Where does the tradition of wearing a wedding ring come from?

The tradition of wearing a wedding ring come from??
The tradition for wearing wedding rings occurred in Ancient Egypt. Then the ring served as a seal with which the pharaohs certified their orders. With time the Egyptian aristocracy began putting gold on their hands as well as silver, glass and clay jewelry – the less wealthy.
In Ancient Rome the rings determined the social status of the people – only the higher class was entitled to wear gold, the free citizens – silver and the slaves – iron. With the Romans occurred the ritual with the wedding ring – before the marriage the groom handed to the parents of the future bride a ring with which to prove that he undertook an engagement to marry her and is able to take care of her. This ritual was more important than the wedding which was the closing of the promise.
In the end of the II century A.C. people started exchanging bronze rings, in III-rd century golden and in IV century the wedding rings became an important part of the wedding ceremony. They placed it on the ring finger on the left hand for the Catholics and on the right hand for the Orthodox due to the belief that on this ring there is a “vain of love” which leads directly to the heart.
In Medieval France people believed that for a married woman to attract a younger man it is enough to put a handkerchief through her wedding ring and then hand it to her loved one. During the time of the wars between German land owns baron Otto Klotzenbach ordered to make him an armor of wedding rings given by his many lovers. The baron believed that the love of women his armor had will make him unbeatable to the weapon of the enemy. And yes he survived all his battles but fell in a pond and dragged by his heavy armor drowned.

Photographer Speaks UP

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER SPEAKS UP and Gives You The Real Deal… Article by: Amanda Duffy 

Being a photographer can be one of the most rewarding jobs. It is the artisans in each of us to know when to feel… YES this is the moment!! And snap the shutter. However one man or woman with a camera can never be in 2 places at once. Photography is all about the moment, The details and the preservation of time. As we always prefer to photograph weddings with 2 “shooters. In our case, We do not charge for two professionals to be at your event. We honestly just always prefer to work this way at a wedding or large event. 
Sometimes brides want to save a little money or feel that it is too obtrusive for more than one photographer to be present on the wedding day.

But consider this: The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed if there would have only been one. When the magical wedding day comes. Our team will photograph the moments of preparation from hair, nails, rings, flowers, bow ties and cufflinks. We capture the beauty of your day as you say your sacred vows and exchange your rings to each other. It is always rewarding to hear a bride say… I look so beautiful in that photo. Because after all that is just what a bride is on her wedding day. We capture photos in formal settings between the ceremony and reception. We capture candids in a photojournalistic style through the duration of the day. Too many times, brides fall for something trendy in photography. It is critical that these images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation to come. 

Trends are fun but rarely last! As it is very important not to “date” the images with styles or backgrounds. We are artist but wedding journalists. We are unique and we are here to preserve your moment. We photograph with a classic shooting style, and we do not manipulate and over edit photos in photoshop. However editing is important. It is simply not over done. You should expect to spend between $2,000 and $8,000 for any decent wedding photography. And superb wedding photography is just what we deliver. We offer engagement sessions. 

Often times it does not have to be accomplished at the very moment of your engagement. However it is nice to add a photo of the lovely couple to a wedding announcement / invitation. As you may even want Thank you cards after the wedding with your wedding portrait printed on the card. Engagement sessions increase the confidence and comfort level of the bride and groom in front of the camera and allow the bride and groom to practice having their photo taken in a fun, no-stakes atmosphere. We are fun! And we make sure we capture you in a classic way.

Ultimately, an engagement session will let the bride and groom see why the photographer might tell them to do something funny, such as “whisper in her ear and make her laugh” or kiss her on her cheek. ——?? Naturally this will lead to wedding day comfort and trust in the photographer. As we always wish to capture the real people on the other side of the camera lens. 

Traditional wedding photography has become something anyone can imagine in the mind at any time. Those photos usually illustrated a group of people standing up, close together. Wedding photography is not all about getting all the people who participated at the wedding in one photo. Wedding photography is about capturing emotions, feelings, and joyful moments in photos, but this can be done only if the photographer is a person who relates well with people and can capture their essence easily. For example capturing the emotions of a father who sees his daughter leaving home at another man’s arm is quite something to remember. Wedding photography should not use only colors; it should also be done in black and white. A black and white photo will stimulate the imagination of those who look at it; it will be like a remembering of old times when people has a more simple life and more time for dreaming. 

For obtaining a good black and white wedding photography the photographer has to possess certain skills with lighting and shadows in order to make the photo outstanding, just as color does. Colored wedding photography is needed too. This type of photo will illustrate later the beautiful array of style of the wedding party. It will bring sweet memories on how the wedding party felt. How to book your wedding: Book as far in advance as you can. Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a wedding photographer and then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior. 

This is especially important when there is travel required. We always require a small deposit to save the date. Let the photographer know before the wedding if there are certain photos you don’t like. It can be anything such as ‘I don’t like the photos you took of us not smiling’ or ‘I don’t like wide-angle close-ups; they make us look weird and fat.’ It totally throws off a photographer’s creative approach when a bride spills her feelings while we are in the zone. 

Communicating is a key element when we only have a short time to capture a fast moving event such as a wedding. It is always best for us to also understand family. Your family may have guests that do not wish to be photographed together and or divorced and so on. It is very important that we know this at the time of booking and planning so we can save hard feelings. 

The stress of finding all the prints, books and wall portraits does not need to be at the top of your list. As a couple finding the right photographer and getting the show on the road is honestly the first step. Until you see your images it is often difficult to decide what it is that you will want to order.

Winter Planning

The holidays are upon us! With all of the impending chaos that the season brings, here are some reasons you should start planning your wedding now and claim some of the most sought-after vendors before the holidays pass by. It's never too soon to start planning.

<3 <3 <3 
We are here to help you! 
<3 <3 <3 

1. You'll beat the bridal rush.
Use the holiday season to beat the bridal rush and get the best wedding gowns
With future fiancés preparing to pop the question over the holiday season, engagement ring sales experience a boost in December. Thus the rush to the best vendors is next! All of the essential people -- from the coordinator to the photographer -- who will make your big day go off without a hitch are filling up their calendars with consultations and wedding dates. Holiday season tends to be a slower time of year for wedding professionals, so it's a great time to set up appointments for wedding gowns and flowers to ensure you get your pick before the rush and avoid competition.

2. It's the perfect time to tell family.
What better time to announce your engagement than when the family is all together? Many brides prefer to opt out of making the big announcement via their favorite social media sites and instead wait to announce the good news to their friends and families in person. Go against the grain and hold off a bit longer to surprise your loved ones with the news in person this holiday season. Also, take note of those who offer to help you with the wedding. Whether it is the day of the wedding and you need an extra hand or months in advance and you need help with a project, call them up! Delegating tasks can be difficult, but will help you out and be a wonderful way to include everyone in the celebration of your marriage.

3. It's a good opportunity to take and plan engagement photos.
Don't forget to book your engagement session with your photographer as soon as possible. Engagement photos are not only a great addition to save-the-dates and invitations, but they are also a good way to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. Regardless the season for your shoot, call them now and get it in the books. Then send your photographer your (once-secret) 
Pinterest board and start brainstorming to get the engagement photos you have always dreamed of! Think of the location, the poses you like, the outfits (matching plaid?). Get creative and bring props and signs, go someplace unexpected like a coffee shop or your special place and have fun with the photos. They are an expression of you as a unique couple and are meant to display the love that you have for one another.

4. You'll relieve some stress.
Planning a wedding can be a stressful project, but once you get the big to-dos checked off of your growing list, it gets down to the details. Set the date and get your vendors booked, then worry about the little things after the holiday season has passed. Do not forget to do your research and be smart when picking through vendors to find the perfect match! Getting these things out of the way now ensures that these tasks will not be in the back of your mind and you can enjoy being truly present with the people you are with.

5. If you pick a date now, you can let all your close family and friends know at holiday gatherings.
By the time the holidays are in full swing, you have already set the date, got a venue, booked your photographer, chosen your catering team, and maybe even wandered through some flower shops. Having some of these details ready to go is a great way to get the date out there and creates a conversation topic for even the most awkward of your relatives.

It is never too soon to start planning for the big day -- the sooner the better. The advantage of accomplishing some of the big items on your list is clear. Get it done early and have the peace of mind for the holiday season -- you'll thank us later.

Fall 2013 Photos By Amanda Duffy

The fall has been very busy. 
Here is a visual update of what my camera has been doing! 

A event in Detroit Michigan For Laura Mercier Cosmetics!

YES! That is me! "Breast Cancer Event" Detroit Michigan

Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus Ohio
German Village Columbus Ohio
German Village Columbus Ohio
Franklin Park Columbus Ohio

German Village 
Columbus Ohio

Just In Time Care Services
Columbus Ohio


Engagement at Bicentennial Park Columbus Ohio

Baby Charleston - Labor and Delivery Photography

Waiting for baby has to be the hardest part. Not only for Mommy and Daddy, But for me (the photographer) too. 
Especially when the proud parents met with us when Mom was close to 6 months pregnant. They decided to do photos for the entire year. So our anxieties have been building. 
We photographed this baby bump at 6 months pregnant. 
Then at a beautiful baby shower in Cleveland Ohio. 
And finally it was time! August 12th. was here and it is time to do the Charleston! 

8-13-13 @ 8:00 am.
We are waiting at the hospital.
Mommy is resting as I write this, waiting on a popsicle. It sure beats ice chips. She has been in the hospital since 10 pm last night. 
I would assume the wait wont be long now that her water has broke. August 13th should be baby Charleston's birthday.
A sweet baby boy! We all wonder... 
What will he look like? Will he have allot of hair? Will he have a strong set of lungs to scream out his first hello?
What will be, Will be. We just know everyone is healthy and we are all here together!

8-13-13 @ 10:10 am. 
The nurse is here to check Mommy! 
And YES the popsicle is here too! Mommy is dilated between 5 and 6 now. They have turned her on her side. - Time ticks on...

8-13-13 @ 11:30 am. 
Mommy and the crew are still doing great. Contractions are getting stronger and we are getting closer. But... Still no baby.

8-13-13 @ 2:00 pm.
We are waiting, Now dilated at 8 cm. Finally!! 
Mommy is sleeping and Daddy is patiently waiting! 
(along with all of the other family and friends)
Everyone is doing great!

8-13-13 @ 7pm.
Push - Breathe... Pray!

8-13-13 @ 9pm.
And on to surgery! With a kiss from Mom...

8-13-13 9:39pm

8-14-2013 6 pm.

8-14-2013 6 pm.

8-14-2013 6pm.

And last but not least...

Photography by: Amanda Duffy 614-578-0491 cell

Groupon A PHOTOGRAPHY Deal that wont last long!

Please order your Groupon 
While You Can!!   
Savings! - $375 Dollar Value for only $99 Bucks!!
Amanda, Georgio & Yoshito
Call 614-578-0491

Veronica & Mike = Love

- more photos soon to come -

We loaded up our camera gear and headed out for the day. 
We would be meeting Veronica and Mike to celebrate their wedding day. 
The Beautiful bride wore Chuck Taylor (converse) tennis shoes rather than being traditional. Her dress was white with black trim. Her girls wore red dresses while the men had red accents with their sharp black tuxedos. The rain clouds came and went, The wind gave us hope that we would not get rained out. They had chairs next to a pond set up in a circle - spiral design with red and black bows tied to every one. It was beautiful. 

I tried to fall in the pond, while helping Veronica off the floating dock. I saved the camera and she saved me! Too bad we were the only two to see this happen. 
Just a little wet, but spontaneous and crazy I am. 
Made the best of it. 
(as always) 
That would have made a great photo for sure! Just moments before the guests arrived, the rain came, which made the decision for Veronica and Mike to marry in the local Church. The stained glass windows, chandelier and lighting created warmth to their changed plans. The photography outside the church afterwards ended up being the most fun! In the middle of the road, as everything to GS3 photography is ART in the end.   

With Love and Blessings! 
Amanda, Georgio & Yoshito 
 Fine photographers for LIFE! 
 Guitar (music) provided by the talented: Jeremy Savage

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You can also follow us on:
 Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Instagram, And Several Various Blog sites. Watch for updates, links and more!
Thank you for being a part of our dream! 
-- Amanda, Georgio & Yoshito

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Danielle + Chad = Love

 Danielle & Chad - Wedding in Little Italy - Cleveland Ohio

Thank you... 
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